Welcome to the TRAVEL ZONE: A strategically located complete travel center. Beautiful Mediterranean-style setting equipped with full state-of-the-art services available for both Cars & Trucks. We hope you will consider being a part of the conveniences that we can offer the TRAVEL ZONE driver.

Customer One Arrives Pump 6 (Goes inside to use Restroom) 11:40:46 Swipes Card enters pin

Customer Two Arrives on Pump 16 ( Goes to PIC to pay) Starts pumping Fuel 11:40:58

Customer Two goes to PIC (PIC States "Pump Reserved")

Second View PIC

Customer Three Arrives (Customer Tells him FREE GAS and Takes Nuzzle From Customer Two To fillup)

Customer One Transaction POS 6 (only time she is seen at registers) She is buying general merch not gas


Just For Fun ED - Kristian and Friends Stealing - ARREST WARRANTS SERVED - NICE!







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